The Most Stylish Uniforms at the Rio Games


Every four years, there’s worldwide anticipation as to not only which country will take home the most Olympic gold medals, but which country will show off the most fashionable uniforms. It’s hard to deny that a classy uniform can contribute to a positive team spirit, and ultimately, a better athletic performance. Here, by country, is a sample of some of the most stylish uniforms invading Rio in 2016.


Traditional seems to be the preferred style for Team USA in 2016. America’s fashion coach Ralph Lauren sticks to a classic red, white and blue USA logo on the back. The casual appearance reflects the standard American presence throughout the history of the Olympic games. Who says you can’t be both traditional and in vogue?


A creation of DSquared2’s twin brothers Dan and Dean Caten, Team Canada’s basic uniforms are a blend of tradition and carefully-tailored class. The Canadian maple leaf symbol adorns the athletic blazers that tastefully combine the nation’s red and white colors with subtle blacks and grays.

United Kingdom

Not only are the British uniforms a touch more formal compared to those of other countries, but they serve a practical purpose as well. Relying on suggestions from Swedenathletes, the UK’s design team Stella McCartney and Adidas created stylish, coat of arms-accented uniforms in traditional navy, white and red. Using a fabric 10 percent lighter than that used for the 2012 Olympics, the designers developed smart-looking uniforms that theoretically should allow for a better athletic performance.


Although the country’s name doesn’t appear on its 2016 Olympic uniforms, the brilliant gold and deep blue are unmistakably representative of the Swedish flag. Demonstrating the nation’s environmentally-aware image, Team Sweden’s designers highly utilized recyclable fabrics in creating their tees, sweaters, leggings and jackets.


Absent from Team France’s 2016 Olympic uniforms is a bold, trend-setting style. Instead, the Lacoste brand-designed uniforms appear, for lack of a better term, blasé.

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